2023 Harry West Maelstrom 10 Rear Discharge Muck Spreader c/w Slurry Door £26,738 plus vat in stock.
The Maelstrom is suitable for most types of farmyard manure and capable of achieving a spread width of up to 40ft (12m). With the optional hydraulic rear gate, they can also be used with poultry manure and semi solids.
The twin rear vertical rotating beaters operate at 400 rpm from the PTO drive input of 1000 rpm. This model runs with two 14mm bed chains. Featuring the new “Y” shape body and low loading height, it allows for a quick and easy fill with any material handler.
A manual controller manages the reversing of the bed chains, or if fitted, by using the electro/hydraulic control.
Features: 24mm adjusters, rear beaters fitted with replaceable blades, protected two-piece drive-line, slip clutch with wide angle PTO, chain drive with padless connectors, large diameter wider tyres to minimise ground pressure.

2023 Harry West 10T Maelstrom Muck Spreader c/w slurry door

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