All gates are in stock. For all up to date prices, please view the table below. Gates come complete with eyebolts.

Either IAE or Bateman
16ft Gate£166.10 +vat£199.32
15ft Gate£146.96 +vat£176.35
14ft Gate£145.60 +vat£174.72
13ft Gate£147.69 +vat£177.23
12ft Gate£128.22 +vat£153.86
11ft Gate£122.20 +vat£146.64
10ft Gate£118.95 +vat£142.74
9ft Gate£112.41 +vat£134.89
8ft Gate£110.07 +vat£132.08
7ft Gate£96.41 +vat£115.69
6ft Gate£90.27 +vat£108.32
5ft Gate£84.13 +vat£100.96
4ft Gate£77.98 +vat£93.58
3ft Gate£65.56 +vat£78.67

7 Rail Metal Gate Prices

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  • Availability: In Stock